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Deliberate Nutrition:
Unleash Your Potential

Personalized Nutrition for Optimal Results

Experience the power of personalized nutrition for your health journey. Our individual approach is designed to tailor nutrition plans to your unique needs and goals. No more cookie-cutter diets or restrictive measures.


We believe in finding a sustainable and enjoyable way for you to achieve optimal results. Let us guide you towards a healthier lifestyle that fits your preferences and characteristics. Say hello to a nutrition plan that works for you!


of satisfied clients

> 500



years of experience

How can we help you?

In the course of work I rely on the individual characteristics. Together we'll create a diet of common preferred and accessible foods for the optimal and long-time result.

I solve your weight problems

Help gain weight

Nutrition while pregnant

Individual approach in case of comorbidities (type 1,2 diabetes, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, gastrointestinal disease, gluten/lactose intolerance etc.)

Our Programs

You can choose between the two of our programs

Price: $199,99 - $599,99

The Marathon

for beginners

The 21 Day Marathon will teach you the features of healthy eating, will find the diet that fits you best, get you familiar with the schedule and teach you the basics of rational and balanced nutrition.


We help make up the diet and PFC ratio


We review the purpose of BASes for your body


We crush dietary myths


We unload the body and brains of everything extra


We meet new people of interests

The Individual Approach

Using the individual program, you will get the desired result thanks to your will and long-time relationship with your guide in the world of healthy eating. I take biorhythms of your body into consideration, and your mental perception during trainings. This is vital for reaching the goal.

Suits best if you:


You have tried every diet there is


Think you know everything already


Have a special body


Have a disease and for a long time you didn't manage to get the desired result

Join Our Satisfied Community

Become part of our community of satisfied individuals who have achieved remarkable results. With years of experience in nutrition, our approach prioritizes your success. We provide personalized care and continuous support to ensure lasting outcomes. Hear from our happy clients about their transformations and the positive impact we've made. Trust in our expertise and let us be your partner on your health journey.


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