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Variety of Massage Techniques and Methods to Address Your Specific Needs

If you’ve been in an accident or injured in some way, pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.  You don’t have an aspirin deficiency or a shortage of painkiller drugs in your system.  Rather, the pain can be used to inform your Body Wellness Massage therapist about the best mix of modalities – types of massage – that will work best to help relieve the pain and put you back on the road to healing.

Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage is Swedish massage therapy. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing. And it may even help after an injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff “trouble spots” in your body. The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep tissue massage may be therapeutic relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries such as back sprain, chronic pain, tight muscles, whiplash, soreness, headaches, etc.

Trigger Point

Trigger points are sore, painful spots—also called knots—found in muscles. These knots are sensitive and when pressure is applied, it produces pain in a different part of your body. A trigger point massage helps work out those knots and reduce the pain associated with them.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your body goes through major changes. Pregnancy massage can help with these changes by reducing stress, decreasing arm and leg swelling, and relieving muscle and joint pain. Massage may be particularly helpful during a time when medication and other medical options may be more limited. Using specially designed massage pillows, the massage therapist will help get you into a comfortable position for this type of massage.

The Right Massage Treatment for You

Regardless of your health condition or situation, Body Wellness Massage will find the right massage treatment to help you feel better and return to vibrancy!  Contact us today to set up your initial consultation!