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Body Wellness Massage is Your Pain Relief Clinic

If you are suffering from pain and soreness due to an accident or injury, you can get the relief you need from Body Wellness Message in Kent, Washington. Our licensed massage therapist will help you feel better fast! Plus, if you’ve been in an auto accident covered by insurance, you pay nothing up front – we handle all the details! You don’t have to live with the pain.

The first step to easing your pain is to complete our new patient intake form.

Contact us today to learn how therapeutic massage can help you get back to doing the things you love.

You’ll Find the Process Easy and Simple

When you first visit Body Wellness Massage, you’ll be greeted by our warm, friendly staff.  You’ll have a conversation with your therapist to learn more about your condition and your objectives for treatment.  We’ll set up a plan and schedule, provide tips for between visits, and explain how payment works (especially for insurance). 

You’ll find the whole process easy and “pain free”!

Liliya Lyebyedyev, LMP

Liliya ​Lyebyedyev LMP

Liliya ​Lyebyedyev LMP has been providing massage therapy to local residents since 2008.  Liliya is a married mother of three teens.  She’s originally from Ukraine and speaks several languages.  She is passionate about your health and well being.

Patients Rave About Their Successful Treatments at Body Wellness Massage!

Liliya does amazing work. My lower back and hip ached constantly following an injury. Within a few short visits, I was pain free and able to do yard work like I was 20 years younger. Thank you Liliya!
Krista R